About Us


In 1983 a group of people with Multiple Sclerosis, their relatives and friends got together to offer support and therapy to fellow sufferers in Herefordshire and surrounding counties. Set up originally in at the RAF camp in Credenhill, it relocated to its new home in Mostyn Street, Whitecross, Hereford about 14 years ago.  We are one over 50  National therapy centre’s across the country.  Our small Centre, not far from Hereford City centre, is friendly and run by caring people. Our aim is to help people help themselves, especially in keeping as safe and mobile as possible within the confines of their condition.

We continue to grow our therapies and once again we now look to expand the building not only to provide more therapies and treatments, but to offer a lifeline for our members, their families and carers, who are actively encouraged, through mutual support, to face the reality of Multiple Sclerosis and the possible challenges it brings.   The therapies offered by the Centre are a major contribution in the fight against MS. Not only does the centre offer support, but also practical solutions to problems and help with day to day living.

Having three part time members of staff, our team of volunteers and friends are invaluable in the running of the centre.  We have a great supply of biscuits, teas, coffees, cakes, good company, more than a few laughs and always a warm welcome.

How we are funded:
It costs us about £50,000 a year just to keep the Centre running and, as we receive no government  funding, this is raised through donations, grants and a multitude of fundraising initiatives.

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